About Clean Getaway Car Wash

Clean Getaway has been serving Parkland County and beyond since 1999! We expanded to Edmonton because our commitment to customer satisfaction became so well known, we needed to! With every car wash, we seek to provide efficiency and joy as we share our passion for car washes. A clean car is a point of pride with us, and we want to share it with everyone because we are owned and operated in Canada.

State of the Art Facility

Our facility has been voted the best car wash in Western Canada — and for good reason! We have 16 carefully maintained bays that are clean, well lit, and provide the highest quality washes. Our facility is engineered to handle weather conditions up to -50°C, so even when it’s freezing outside, you can come in and vacuum out your car where it’s toasty warm! Clean Getaway also provides an environmentally friendly car wash option, as washing at home on your driveway can cause damage to sewer systems, while we ensure that all wastewater is collected and safely filtered before being released back to the sewer system.

We love clean cars!

Clean Getaway is first and foremost a happy business. We love what we do and we want to help customers who come in with their daily stresses feel better. We provide a helpful environment where everyone is excited to be there. We love cars, and, more importantly, we love clean cars! If you’re looking for a fun, happy place to clean your vehicle, join us at Clean Getaway Car Wash!

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