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Clean Getaway has a car wash for everyone! If you’re needing a quick wash and don’t want to get out of the vehicle, try our touchless bay option! If you’re ready to get in there and really clean your vehicle, our self-serve bays are a fantastic choice! If you don’t know what the right choice is, feel free to ask! We have experienced and knowledgeable staff who would love to help! Washing your car is an incredibly important way to protect and preserve one of your largest investments. Plus, it feels so good to drive down the highway with a clean car! We’re committed to making sure every customer leaves with a smile on their face and a beautifully clean vehicle!

Self Serve Car Wash

*All Locations

We have 2 state of the art, massive facilities. With
16 oversized bays in Spruce Grove and 12 Oversized bays in North Edmonton your car is guaranteed a spot with almost no wait times. We have the largest bays in Western Canada so no matter the size of your vehicle, you’ll fit in! Our self serve car wash is extremely well lit and
extremely clean. There’s no point in going to a car wash unless the car wash itself is also clean! That’s why we take such great care of our bays with quality control checks of the whole facility twice a day.

Our self serve car wash uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable soap that is the best quality available. We also have soft and hot water cycles that both go through a reverse osmosis process to ensure there’s no ugly spots left when you rinse. Our water is such high quality you could drink it (please don’t though, it’s for the cars!). Our facility is always fully attended, so if you ever need help just look for the smiling people in uniforms!

Self serve car washes can be paid for with cash, credit card, or for a spectacular discount, use our app!

Touchless Car Wash

*Spruce Grove

Touchless bays are a fantastic choice for car washers on the go! Our touchless car wash is incredibly high quality and is the second safest car wash option — with a touchless wash you’re not at risk for paint scratches or swirls. With no brushes, there’s no worries! We have three touchless bays on site, so there’s minimal to no wait times. We use all the same environmentally friendly, high quality soaps from our self serve, and the water in the touchless bays also goes through the reverse osmosis machine and is never recycled! Whenever you use water at Clean Getaway, it’s going to be fresh and spotless! You can pay for a touchless car wash with Tap n Pay, debit or credit card, or receive fantastic discounts with our app!

Tap N Pay available at North Edmonton, and Spruce Grove

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