How to Properly Wash Your Car

Washing your car properly is not actually an intuitive process. A clean car is actually a science where you use the right products and the right time to get the best results! We’ve compiled a simple guide on how to wash your car to the fullest extent. If you have any other questions about washing your car at Clean Getaway, just flag down one of our smiling attendants, we’d be happy to help!

Clean Getaway's EASY STEPS to the ULTIMATE WASH!

Foam Canon Pre Soak

This is the first and most important step to the ultimate carwash experience! Our powerful pre-soak foam is specially formulated for the dirt and grime for Edmonton and area roads! You will be amazed how it softens and loosens any dirt and grime on your vehicle. Right off the bat, you're getting a luxury soak before you get to the rest of your steps!

Soap Gun

This high pressure function is a specially formulated detergent that works extremely well to wash away any kind of dirt and grime. You will be amazed as heavy duty road film disappears after this application. Cars always leave extra clean with our HIRE PRESSURE SOAP application.

Foam Brush

We use only the highest quality horse hair brushes that are hard on dirt and gentle on your paint finish! The high foaming soap detergent is excellent for giving your vehicle a gentle massage and loosening any baked on road film. Highly recommended for your wheels, bug season, and those hard to clean areas of your car!

High Pressure Rinse

It’s all about the chemistry! We use only hot, softened water to rinse that dirt off your car and get it squeaky clean again! Our decalcified water gives our customers a brilliant finish every time!

Triple Shine

Looking for that… “OMG my car looks new again” feeling? Try our specially formulated HIGH GLOSS triple shine foam enhancer that never disappoints!… The mirror finish and sparkle will save you hours of hand polishing and waxing! Very easy to apply and the results are amazing!


Our clear coat wax not only provides a brilliant shine but also an added level of protection from road grime and pollutants that dull your paint finish on your car! This hot wax will have the water beading on your car in no time!

Spot Free Rinse

The final step in our wash process. Our spot free rinse is made in-house via a reverse osmosis process. This purified water rinse has all the hard water and calcium reduced to only 5 parts per million or less of water hardness, which is equivalent to purified drinking/bottled water! The result is an amazing final rinse that leaves the car sparkling with no hard water spots to worry about later. Plus, no need to hand dry; there won’t be any spots left after the carwash! **highly recommended for your glass and mirrors!

Optional: Vacuum. You don’t have to vacuum your car every time, but a quick interior vacuum can make all the difference when it comes to cleaning your car!

Check out our customer lounge for air fresheners, towels, shammies and refreshments!

Car Washing Tips

Ever drive through a cloud of bugs and find them splattered all over your vehicle? Bugs are washed off easiest when still “fresh” (gross, we know). If you drive through a cloud of bugs, the best tip we can offer is to make your next stop at the car wash to get them off as easily as possible!

Have you noticed that the summer always seems to leave a beige film on your vehicle? This is a common occurrence caused by heat. The best way to remove this film is pre soaking your vehicle and meticulously following our six-step cleaning process!

If you’re finding spots on your car immediately after the car wash, that means that the soap residue never fully left your vehicle. Use our spotless rinse and rinse your entire vehicle to ensure there are no spots left behind!

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